“Thirtying” in Vegas: Best Spots for the 30+ Club

photo by @amer_mug

Doing a Vegas girls trip in your 20’s is an extreme sport. It’s like being on the Full Throttle Ride at Magic Mountain. Everything’s a blur, someone will probably throw up, cry, and may even lose their shoes.

And yet, it’s still a magical experience.

In 2007, I did a Vegas trip with 5 other girlfriends in one hotel room. That’s 6 girls, 3 per bed, all sharing ONE bathroom. We scraped our pennies together for an exquisite room fit for royalty.  Just kidding, it was at the Excalibur. (Hey, it’s still a castle right!)

We danced the nights away with our Apple Bottom Jeans and boots with the fur. (Not really but that song was in EVERY club on that trip!)

Club culture really is the silliest thing. Just a day ago, in your hometown, you were slaving away, folding cheap leggings at Forever 21. But, the second you land in Vegas, boom! You’re suddenly JLo walking the red carpet of the VIP guest line.

“What? You’re in the regular line?! Ugh tragic! Maybe someday you’ll be BLESSED like us!) (spoken in Instagram model voice).

But at the end of the night, those cute “can’t wait to wear these in Vegas!” heels you bought feel like daggers stabbing your toes. You end up texting your ex, due a condition of temporary insanity called “lack of cute boys at the club.” You do the walk of shame back to the hotel only to pass out into a pillow that ends up looking like an abstract Piacasso in the morning.  And after a restful 2 hours of sleep, you’re resurrected from the dead to power through more day drinking at the pool. Yay!

This is THE trip you take, over and over, as you chug blissfully along in your 20’s.

Then, something awesome happens. You turn 30.

photo by @sarahreneewolfe

A beacon of light shines down as you bask in the glow of maturity, wisdom and “adultyness.”

Suddenly you think: “Screw this clubbing crap. I just want to eat amazing food and do some Vegas-y stuff that doesn’t involve bruised feet and crying on some random girl’s shoulder in the bathroom at Omnia.”

So without further ado, here are the most awesome Vegas-y things to do as a lovely lady (or gent) in your 30’s:

1. Chandelier Bar: The Cosmopolitan

Photo by VitalVegas.com.

Nothing classes up a joint like a dazzling Chandelier centerpiece. This bar is the main attraction at Cosmo and it definitely brings a touch of glamour. It’s in a prime people watching spot, which is always a favorite Vegas pastime. So as you’re observing the 20 somethings stumble upstairs to Marquee, in their skankiest Fashion Nova ensemble, you can give a snooty wave as you chillax in one of the plush, comfy chairs.

Be sure to be sipping on the infamous (secret) Verbena cocktail– you have to eat the flower garnish first to give your taste buds the maximum tingle. And while you can get a bit of a buzz, it’s not like a mind-altering magic mushroom. So you won’t have to worry about a lovely visit from the po-po. (Because getting arrested is one thing that actually does stay in Vegas.)

2. Gilley’s Saloon: T.I.

photo by vitalvegas.com

You’re never too old to ride a bull, but if “public gyration” really isn’t your thing, you can just throw on your cowgirl boots and hit the dance floor. Grab some food (with ginorous portions) at The Gilley’s restaurant, which has wall to ceiling windows facing the strip, and makes you feel right in the Vegas mix. The bar portion has a large, open floor to dance the night away. They even offer free line dancing lessons during the week, which could be a super fun activity for a date, or just for silliness with your girls. (Because, drunk dancing beats karaoke any day!)

3. The Pool at Golden Nugget: Downtown

photo by vitalvegas.com

 Vegas Pool season is once again on the horizon. Picking this off the strip lagoon is the best choice if you want to avoid sweaty bachelor party bros and heachache-inducing EDM.  The Golden Nugget pool is considered “kid friendly” but the kiddos usually migrate more towards the shark tank and slide. Meaning there are actual fun activities to do here besides fist pumping to Steve Aoki for 5 hours straight. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But, again, we’re in our 30’s folks. It’s time to do mature shit…like go down waterslides!

4. 107 Bar: The Strat

photo by vitalvegas.com

Tell your fear of heights to “shove it” and have a classy evening at this ultra-swanky spot. The elevator ride to the top makes it feel like an actual experience and not just another run of the mill Vegas bar. Once you get to 107, you get a 360 view that is bound to take your breath away.

Just don’t hyperventilate if you feel a slight “rumble” every now and then. There is a rotating restaurant right below (Top of the World) and every 12 minutes or so, you may feel a little sway as it completes its rotation (my boyfriend is afraid of heights and literally clung to me every time). It’s worth the temporary anxiety it to get the best view you’ll ever get of Vegas.

5. Incredible restaurants:

STK (Cosmo);  Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab (Caeser’s); Vic and Anthony’s (Golden Nugget); SushiSamba (Palazzo); Maggiano’s (Fashion show mall, across from Wynn); Mon Ami Gabi (Paris). Too many to give proper props!

I’m not so “Vegan friendly” over here, so I may be a little too “meat focused” with this list. I do love me some steak and seafood! Part of the Vegas experience is access to incredible restaurants that stay open later into the night.

My New York friends may not think it’s all that special, but for my fellow California natives, I’m sure most share my frustration of having a 9pm curfew for great food. In Vegas, “fourth meal’ doesn’t have to be Taco Bell, it could be a five star joint, and offers us foodies an extended time frame for some “mouth-gasms.”

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